Sea fishing is a true adventure for everyone to experience. Every year, open sea fishing is attracting more and more people who want to spend time in an active and interesting way. It’s a challenge both for amateur Baltic cod fishers and for novice anglers. A fishing expedition on board a yacht is a unique experience full of emotions to be remembered for a long time to come, and fantastic fun you’ll want to come back to.

Cruises set sail from the beautiful harbour of Ustka – a charming seaside town on the Baltic coast. This picturesque town is full of attractions during the holidays; off-season it’s quiet and the climate is ideal for fishing trips on the open sea. Ustka has a unique atmosphere and, as the home of fishermen – real sea dogs – it is filled with the sounds of mysterious stories and shanties in the harbour taverns. It attracts tourists and connoisseurs of the Polish coast.

All of you – fishing enthusiasts, active people open to new challenges, guests of the seaside resort – are invited to take a trip on our yachts “Amelia MAX” and “Amelia BIS”. Cruises and cod fishing under the benevolent but watchful eye of the skipper are great fun and a good suggestion for all those looking for something extra while on holiday.

The experienced crew of “Amelia MAX” and “Amelia BIS” will provide you with an ideal trip, successful fishing for cod, herring, trout and many other fish in the best fishing grounds, and a great atmosphere during the trip, while maintaining the highest safety standards.

We cordially invite all lovers of the Polish sea on day cruises and deep-sea expeditions. Keen anglers are invited for cod fishing on the open sea. Our yachts are waiting at Ustka port, ready to fly with you to catch a new adventure and wonderful memories…